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What’s In: Color Blocking

Color blocking is no new trend. It was huge in the 1960’s mod scene and came back to make a brief appearance in the 1980’s. Today, it makes another comeback. We saw it in Gucci’s wildly successful spring 2011 collection. Silk and satin separates in electric blue, deep purple and jade green danced down the runway. The statement was color blocking in the most modern of ways.

Color Block

Embracing color in your own wardrobe is not as difficult as you may think. Color is unexpected and pushes you out of your comfort zone. You can go as subtle or as crazy as you want. Introduce more color into your life by replacing your classics, like your favorite black handbag for a lime green version. Or perhaps you may want to try colored denim instead of your default blue jeans. This summer is the perfect time to experiment with your favorite neon brights in everything from nail polish to maxi dresses.

Photo Credits: Fashion Gone Rogue


What’s In: Mix + Match

Though the days may be a bit deary at the moment, fashion won’t wait for the sun to start shinning to begin it’s love affair with spring. Bold colors and mix-matched patterns are beginning to make their debut in the magazines and on the streets. What’s not to love about polka-dot platforms  and a silk print dress in bright yellow? This editorial from Elle Turkey displays the feeling of spring perfectly. The art of print mixing can be a bit tricky for a novice, but once mastered, does wonders for one’s creativity.

Don’t shy away from color. This is the time to retire black and employ every piece of clothing that screams “bring on the heat”! Everything you wear should make a statement, from the fire engine red on your perfectly polished nails to the bumble bee yellow on your Prada heels.

Don’t be scared to miss-match prints. The days of matching your belt to your shoes are over. Be daring in your pattern choices by mixing stripes with a floral print or zebra with brocade. Different textures and shapes allow for some fun in your wardrobe. When combining different prints, be sure that the shapes are always flattering to your body. You don’t want to look like you wrapped a Pollock painting around your body!

Finally, choose accessories that compliment your colorful look. Try bold shoes in fun textures and handbags in interesting shapes. While you may be hesitant to try color everywhere, you can always show your creative side with amazing accessories.

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Photo Credits: Elle Turkey

What’s In: Coat Check

With the sunny weather suddenly turning cloudy, I thought I may take a moment to talk about outerwear. There are so many trends when it comes to coats and jackets this season. Voluminous shapes, embellished sleeves, belted trenches and tweed accents give you endless options when choosing an outerwear look that’s right for you. This shoot from VOGUE US features the top looks for those gloomy days ahead.

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Photo Credits: VOGUE US

What’s In: Circa 1970

The 70’s have inspired countless fashion trends that have been both embraced and tossed aside throughout the years. I rather love the look of a wide floppy hat, psychedelic prints and Farrah Fawcett bangs. These throwback trends look particularly chic when paired with modern elements like a pair of (very) wide leg pants worn with a simple tank and chunky heels.

The rich colors like rust, cream and brown are more Charlie’s Angel’s than That 70’s Show. I really like the mix of different patterns  and of course, all the bold jewelry. Notice that these clothes might be referencing the days of decades past, but still remain overtly glamorous and current.

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Photo Credits: Fashion Gone Rogue

What’s In: Vests

I have not always been a “vest person”. I’ve always been more of a blazer or jacket girl, thinking that if I’m already half way there, why not go all the way? However, over the past few seasons, the  whole vest idea has been growing on me. What I love about vests is that they are very versatile and instantly add an element of style.

I also really like the fact that there are so many different shapes, textures and styles to choose from. I am a huge fan of the shearling vest for winter. It’s very cave woman-esque, but in a good way. It looks fabulous with a faux fur trim and simple cotton silk blouse.

Knit vests are very reminiscent of the 1970’s. Make yours look modern by pairing it with a printed cotton top and high-waisted denim. This look will be perfect for the warm spring and summer months coming up.

Textured or embellished vests give any outfit a sense of effortless style. Look for options that are shredded, laser cut, or with sequin designs. These will be the cherry on top of any top or dress. Vintage often carry a wide selection of vests from all different eras. which is great if you’re feeling like channeling Annie Hall for the day.

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Photo Credits: Jak + Jil, StolkhomStretStyle, unknown

What’s In: Top it Off

Accessories can be the the cherry on top of any outfit, but when it comes to hats, this statement is quite literal. Though hats may have been an after thought in years past, they have made a huge comeback this season and continue to be the accessory of choice when completing a look. Department stores and local boutiques are now catering to the demand of hat-heads all over by carrying a wide selection of different styles and shapes.

You may have never considered yourself a “hat person” before, but it’s never been a better time to start exploring your options. The Fedora, as seen on celebs like Sienna Miller and Kate Moss remains the leading style. Then there’s the wide brim “Floppy” Hat. This look is very bohemian and can add drama when paired with a maxi dress or wide-leg jeans. Channel your inner Calamity Jane and sport the updated Cowboy Hat with a simple tee-shirt and jeans to make a statement. Another chic option is the stylish Turban. This style has been all over the runways and looks perfect with a chunky sweater.

The trick is to embrace hats and not be afraid of them. Try on a variety of different styles to see which suits your personality. You may be surprised when you can’t leave the house without one.

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Photo Credits: All The Pretty Birds + JAK & JIL