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4 Ways to Update Your Look on the 4th

It’s the time of year where we BBQ by the pool and drink ice cold lemonade while we celebrate our independence. It’s also a great time to update your look and learn some new ways to feel great while you beat the heat.

Happy 4th Style Setters!

1. Great Framed. You would be surprised at how a new pair of sunglasses can instantly make you feel and look more chic. Shop for shades that fit your face and your style. I love the classic aviator shape to channel your inner Cate Blanchett in The Aviator. Or opt for the trendy cat eye style to satisfy your inner fashion rebel.

2. Wedge it. Wedges have been making a statement in the shoe world for years, but have never had the presence they have today. These stacked heels combine height and comfort. A good pair of wedges can usually be worn for 8 hours or more! There are many versions of the wedge to choose from, but some of my favorites this season are by Joie and Dolce Vita.

3. To the Maxi. Most people associate maxi dresses with the beach, but this summer, designers have taken the maxi style to the streets. From stripes to solids, the maxi has most defiantly had a makeover. If your on the petite side, it’s best to look for styles that are tea length or right above the ankle. This is an incredibly popular cut and works with most heights.

4. To Dye For. During the hot summer months, most of us let our hair “do it’s thing”, but the sun can do a number on our color. Instead of booking a pricey salon appointment, run over to your neighborhood CVS and pick up some foam hair color. This is the newest advancement in at-home hair color and gives you salon quality results without the mess.

Photo Credit: Fashion Gone Rogue


Eco Chic

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I might post these stunning pics from H&M’s Conscious Collection. The entire line is comprised of recycled and environmentally friendly fabrics. This collection is ideal for those of us that can’t afford Stella McCartney, but still love the idea of going green with our wardrobes. I mean seriously, how chic is this white-on-white color palette?

Photo Credits: H&M

Ask Sophie Mae: How can I feel comfortable shopping for bathing suits?

Most women liken the process of bathing suit shopping to getting a root canal – long and painful. However, unless you plan on hiding under a rock all summer, this dreaded shopping experience  is a necessary evil. It seems that no matter how we really look, we always play the comparison game in our heads and insist on finding a swimsuit that makes us look like Heidi Klum on a the cover of Sports Illustrated. This mindset must be banished if we are ever to find an option that actually looks great on us.

Lucky for us, it’s 2011 and just as there has been many advancements in technology, the bathing suit industry has also stepped up their game. There are now push-up bra bikinis and high-waited bottoms for a flattering fit on any body type.  As with any article of clothing, it’s all about shopping for your unique shape. Here is a rundown on what type of suits to look for this summer.

Bathing Suits

Athletic: This is a similar body type to Cameron Diaz (you lucky girl!), but the challenge lies in looking feminine in a bathing suit. Look for girly details like floral prints or ruffle accents. I also love a plunging neckline for a feminine feel.

Curvy: I believe that curves should be celebrated, not hidden! Think about all of those beautiful pictures of Marilyn Monroe posing in her bathing suit on the beach. She was never afraid to show her womanly bod and neither should you! Your best bathing suit will mostly likely be a sexy one-piece in a bright color and 1950’s silhouette.

Petite: Show off your sassy personality in a classic triangle bikini. The simpler the better for my petite flowers out there. Show off your midriff to elongate the body. Avoid loud prints and stick with solid colors as to not overwhelm your small frame.

Need some help shopping for your summer essitails?

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