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Eco Chic

In honor of Earth Day, I thought I might post these stunning pics from H&M’s Conscious Collection. The entire line is comprised of recycled and environmentally friendly fabrics. This collection is ideal for those of us that can’t afford Stella McCartney, but still love the idea of going green with our wardrobes. I mean seriously, how chic is this white-on-white color palette?

Photo Credits: H&M



Lanvin happens to be one of my favorite design houses of all time. The strict structure mixed to perfection with floating femininity makes my heart beat faster. So you can imagine my uncontrollable delight when I heard that Lanvin would be collaborating with Swedish retailer H&M this November. Designer Alber Elbaz is the creative genius behind Lanvin’s Parisian designs and the force behind the price conscious collection.

“I think I loved the idea that H&M was going luxury, rather than Lanvin is going public.”, Elbaz stated in a recent promotional video. I think it’s refreshing that in this unstable economy we can still enjoy designer luxury at an affordable price. I’ll see you November 23rd!

For a sneak peek of the collection visit: LANVIN + H&M