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What’s In: Color Blocking

Color blocking is no new trend. It was huge in the 1960’s mod scene and came back to make a brief appearance in the 1980’s. Today, it makes another comeback. We saw it in Gucci’s wildly successful spring 2011 collection. Silk and satin separates in electric blue, deep purple and jade green danced down the runway. The statement was color blocking in the most modern of ways.

Color Block

Embracing color in your own wardrobe is not as difficult as you may think. Color is unexpected and pushes you out of your comfort zone. You can go as subtle or as crazy as you want. Introduce more color into your life by replacing your classics, like your favorite black handbag for a lime green version. Or perhaps you may want to try colored denim instead of your default blue jeans. This summer is the perfect time to experiment with your favorite neon brights in everything from nail polish to maxi dresses.

Photo Credits: Fashion Gone Rogue