Ask Sophie Mae: How can I feel comfortable shopping for bathing suits?

Most women liken the process of bathing suit shopping to getting a root canal – long and painful. However, unless you plan on hiding under a rock all summer, this dreaded shopping experience  is a necessary evil. It seems that no matter how we really look, we always play the comparison game in our heads and insist on finding a swimsuit that makes us look like Heidi Klum on a the cover of Sports Illustrated. This mindset must be banished if we are ever to find an option that actually looks great on us.

Lucky for us, it’s 2011 and just as there has been many advancements in technology, the bathing suit industry has also stepped up their game. There are now push-up bra bikinis and high-waited bottoms for a flattering fit on any body type.  As with any article of clothing, it’s all about shopping for your unique shape. Here is a rundown on what type of suits to look for this summer.

Bathing Suits

Athletic: This is a similar body type to Cameron Diaz (you lucky girl!), but the challenge lies in looking feminine in a bathing suit. Look for girly details like floral prints or ruffle accents. I also love a plunging neckline for a feminine feel.

Curvy: I believe that curves should be celebrated, not hidden! Think about all of those beautiful pictures of Marilyn Monroe posing in her bathing suit on the beach. She was never afraid to show her womanly bod and neither should you! Your best bathing suit will mostly likely be a sexy one-piece in a bright color and 1950’s silhouette.

Petite: Show off your sassy personality in a classic triangle bikini. The simpler the better for my petite flowers out there. Show off your midriff to elongate the body. Avoid loud prints and stick with solid colors as to not overwhelm your small frame.

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Lookbook: Zara

Spring is in session at the Spanish retailer Zara. I can’t get enough of their skinny green pants, jewel tone prints and easy jersey dresses.

Photo Credits: Zara Spring Lookbook

What to Wear: Coachella

I was recently helping a client of mine put together looks for her upcoming trip to Coachella . Tribal prints? Check. Red hot pants? Yep. Bikinis? Lots. So maybe camping out for three days Woodstock style doesn’t really float your boat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t soak up some Coachella fashion vibes on the weekends.




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Photo Credit: fashiongonerougue

Midnight Madness Caption Contest!

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Style Copy Cat: Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger is one of those stylish gals that fly’s somewhat under the radar, but always comes out soaring. She often goes glam for award seasons and plays it cool on her days off screen. She doesn’t use a stylist and always stays true to herself. Here, she is looking ready for spring in these adorable button shorts, button-up shirt and a bow tie. What a charming way to play with the masculine meets feminine trend.

The Original:

The Style Copy Cat:


What’s In: Mix + Match

Though the days may be a bit deary at the moment, fashion won’t wait for the sun to start shinning to begin it’s love affair with spring. Bold colors and mix-matched patterns are beginning to make their debut in the magazines and on the streets. What’s not to love about polka-dot platforms  and a silk print dress in bright yellow? This editorial from Elle Turkey displays the feeling of spring perfectly. The art of print mixing can be a bit tricky for a novice, but once mastered, does wonders for one’s creativity.

Don’t shy away from color. This is the time to retire black and employ every piece of clothing that screams “bring on the heat”! Everything you wear should make a statement, from the fire engine red on your perfectly polished nails to the bumble bee yellow on your Prada heels.

Don’t be scared to miss-match prints. The days of matching your belt to your shoes are over. Be daring in your pattern choices by mixing stripes with a floral print or zebra with brocade. Different textures and shapes allow for some fun in your wardrobe. When combining different prints, be sure that the shapes are always flattering to your body. You don’t want to look like you wrapped a Pollock painting around your body!

Finally, choose accessories that compliment your colorful look. Try bold shoes in fun textures and handbags in interesting shapes. While you may be hesitant to try color everywhere, you can always show your creative side with amazing accessories.

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Photo Credits: Elle Turkey

Ask Sophie Mae: What do I wear on the first date?

This is an age-old question women have been asking since the days of Romeo and Juliet. And boy, can it be a tricky one. So much is riding on what you wear on a first date. Is this skirt too short? Will he like this color? Do I look like I’m trying too hard? One very important thing to remember when dressing for a first date is to choose a look that you are comfortable in and that represents your personality.  That being said, there are a few pointers I would like to share with you for choosing the right first  date outfit.

First Date Looks

Keep it simple – First thing you always want to keep in mind is that men don’t see fashion the same way as women do. We see details and notice designer labels. They see face, chest, tush . . . etc. Not to say you won’t run across a chap that appreciates your Louboutin pumps, but he is few and far between. Go with clean lines and avoid too many prints on the first date. Also try and keep the jewelry as simple as possible. The boy wants to see you and not your huge cocktail ring or statement earrings.

Highlight your best features – Men need a vocal point when looking at a woman and they love to see them in clothes that showcase their best features. For example, If you love your legs, wear a fitted skirt to show them off. But keep the rest of you covered by wearing a great leather jacket or a fitted long sleeve top. This will give you a boost of confidence and will leave him wanting more.

Keep your hair and makeup looking pretty – Many a GQ poll will tell you that one of a man’s biggest pet peeves is a woman who wears too much makeup. Show off your pretty face by keeping your makeup light and fresh. This goes for your hair as well. No Snooki bouffants, please.

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What’s In: Tie Me Up

One of my favorite parts of my job is discovering up-and-coming designers that are making their mark on the fashion world. Madelyn Somers is the 22- year old the creative genius behind TYCOON neckwear. She creates one-of-a-kind bow ties for women from vintage men’s neckties. Not only are her designs charming and chic, but they also support a great cause. With every purchase, Madelyn donates 2% of the proceeds to Women for Women International, a organization working to help women in war-torn regions transform their lives. Madelyn says, “My mission is to inspire women to be self-sufficient entrepreneurs.” Now that’s what I call a fashionable cause.

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In The Red

My favorite Oscar moments had little to do with who won Best Actress or which film stole Best Picture, but rather what the celebs wore while walking the red carpet. It was surprising to see the absence of color that was so present on previous red carpets this year. Most starts opted for the classic muted hues like silver, cream or pearly white. However, risk takers like Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Hudson rocked structured gowns in red. It just gos to show that you can always expect the unexpected at the Oscars.

Here are some of my favorite looks of the night and why I chose them.

Michelle Williams looks stunning in this body-skimming Chanel dress. She channels  a blond Audrey Hepburn with her pixie cut, simple makeup and classic gown. Overall, a perfect look.

Amy Adams has been a red carpet favorite of mine for years. This year was no exception when she showed up in this sparkling navy L’Wren Scott dress. The color complimented her ivory skin and fiery red hair perfectly. I wasn’t so crazy about the Cartier jewels with the neckline, but hey, you can’t win every time.

Hailee Steinfeld may have been the youngest nominee of the night, but don’t underestimate her style sense. She was looked every bit of the up-and-coming starlet in her custom Marchesa gown. Everything from her silver headband to her champagne peep-toes, Hailee played a rising style star.

Cate Blanchett won best dressed of the night in my book. Cate was the perfect fashion plate in a lilac Givenchy. The color was spot on and the architecture was unlike anything else we saw on the red carpet. This look was a work of art and she owned every bit of it.

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Haute Topic: The Final Look

And Best Dressed for an Oscar after-party goes to . . .

So here it is, my final look! I choose this dress for it’s unique details and Old Hollywood feel. The color is bold and makes the dress feel a bit more modern. The dress is a statement on it’s own, so I kept the accessories simple. I’m loving the navy blue clutch (a great alternative to black) and the jewelery adds a bit of sparkle. I am so excited to rock my look at the Oscar after-parties!

Dress from the onQueStyle in Corona del Mar, CA.

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