Chic Gift Ideas: Mother’s Day

My dad and I were just chatting about how Mother’s Day really seemed to creep us on us this year. We both looked at each other in disbelief thinking it must be later in the month. I mean wasn’t it on the 20th . . . or something last year? After we got over the fact that our calenders was probably right and we had simply lost track of time, the next thought that popped into our heads was what we should get her. This is where I stop going into detail on what we ended up getting her (sorry mom) and start giving you ideas on what to get your mom/wife/sister/friend/and or anyone you know who happens to be a mother.

Mom's Day Gift Ideas

Idea #1: Statement Jewelry – A necklace or a pair of earrings may seem like a given for Mother’s Day, but this year, take it to the next level with a statement piece that will last for years to come. This can include anything from a bold beaded necklace to staked bangles. This way she can dress up any top or simple sheath dress.

Idea #2: Electronics She’ll Actually Use – No, it’s not just your dad who wants the cool gadgets. Grant the wishes of any tech-obsessed mom in your life by giving her an easy to use device that will make her look smart and chic. Both the Kindle and the iPad are great options and will make her feel very tech-savvy and ahead of the game.

Idea #3: Exotic Flowers – My mom has never been a flower person, but I know plenty of mother’s would love to revive a beautiful bouquet of exotic flowers this year. One of my all time favorite gift ideas is a vase of colorful or white Orchids. Not only are they stunning to look at, but they are super low maintenance. Make sure that the vase is as equally as pretty as the flowers that fill it. This way it can be used over and over again.

Idea #4 At Home Spa Kits – Who doesn’t love a trip a fancy spa? But for those of us that can’t afford to send our mom’s off to a day of hot-stone massages mud baths, at-home spa kits are just the thing. You can even customize your own personal gift sets by choosing some of your favorite bath and beauty products and displaying them in a fancy basket.

Idea # 5: A  Fun Fragrance  Date-  It can be a bit tricky to buy any woman a perfume if you don’t know what scents she prefers. That’s why I recommend a “Fragrance Date”. Take your mom (or whom ever else you are shopping for) to her favorite department store and shop for a new perfume or body lotion that she’s never tried before. This is a fun and creative way for the two of you to bond and for her to try something new.

Need help finding that perfect gift for a Mother in your life? I would love to help you shop for anyone on your list! Click here for more info!


One response to “Chic Gift Ideas: Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks for my Kindle, Beautiful! I do feel like a chic and savvy mama! I love you!!!!

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